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Unformatted text preview: version of this homework to the instructor at the start of class. Submissions that are handed in more than 10 minutes after the start of class will be considered late and will not be accepted. Write your name and your Drexel email address legibly on your submission. This assignment is to be completed individually. Please consult the course syllabus for a description of our plagiarism policy. You must sign and attach the following statement when submitting your assignment. I certify that: • This assignment is entirely my own work; • I have not quoted the words of any other person from a printed source or a website without indicating what has been quoted and providing an appropriate citation; • I have not submitted this assignment to satisfy the requirements of any other course. Signature__________________________ Date ____________________ Problem 1 (10pts) (a) Using set operations, write an expression corresponding to area 2 of the Venn diagram. You should write one expression, and one expression only. A" 1" B" 1" 1" 3" 2" 2" 1" C" Solution: a couple of other answers are correct, but this is the most straightforward one. ( A ∩ C ) ∩ ( B ∩ C ) \ ( A ∩ B ∩ C ) (b) You are given two sets B and G, which stand for boys and girls, respectively. Express all possible pairings of boys and girls for a speed dating application as a set operation. How many possible pairings are there? Solution: The pairings are expressed as the Cartesian product, B x G. The number of pairings is the size of...
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