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Sample HW5 Solution

Sql provided as part of this assignment create the

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Unformatted text preview: C è༎D is no longer enforced, add relation CD. (c) (5pts) Is the resulting 3NF decomposition in BCNF? Explain why or why not. Solution: Each table in the 3NF decomposition above is also in BCNF. This is because the only FDs that hold on each table are those determined by their respective keys. That said, we can observe that, because the decomposition above was not dependency- preserving, we had to add another table, and thus introduce redundancy into the schema. Problem 2 (30pts) Consider the relational schema presented in class, with tables Sailors, Boats and Reserves. Using the script Sailors.sql, provided as part of this assignment, create the database tables and populate them with data. Do not insert or...
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