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80J.F07 Assignment #3 11/25/2007 Having traveled to many places all over the world since I was young, I am doing my research paper on changes in traveling and the different ways to experience various cultures and whether money plays a factor in the overall experience of traveling. [What kind of factor? Seems pretty obvious that it requires money to travel, so you must have something else in mind. What is it? Let the reader know what your point is.] I have taken many trips to Hawaii and consider myself a local every time I visit now. Also when I spent the summer in New Zealand, towards the end of my stay, I felt as though I was a true islander. Both trips I have experienced many different ways of touring the islands. THIS IS NOT REALLY A FIRST PARAGRAPH TO A PAPER. IT IS A FIRST PARAGRAPH EXPLAINING WHAT YOUR PAPER IS ABOUT. I WANTED THE FORMER. ALSO, IT DOESN’T TELL THE READER WHAT YOUR PAPER’S POINT WILL BE OR WHAT YOU PLAN TO ADDRESS. For instance, my second trip to Hawaii, I hiked the volcano, went on many tourist sightseeing trips, visited museums, and went on cruises and snorkeling expeditions; a typical tourist experience. When I visited later that year, I stayed for over a month and just enjoyed the town I was in and visited with friends and just had a mellow stay. But then a few years after that I did the complete tourist package again which included helicopter rides, deep sea fishing, parasailing, and other expensive tourist activities. But coincidentally it was my worst trip to Hawaii. I have been seven times and the most expensive trip there was also my least enjoyable trip. 1
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Assignment #3 2 - 1 ilinJohnson-Smart Cailin 80J.F07...

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