Quiz 1 with Solutions

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Unformatted text preview: IxaV &BWx`…F hlV9 ˆ(pfS …UCGRV` (–5f†I WCX pfaVbURI¦I` (x q–IGF [email protected] lk ’{I` ˜ F A ` ¬V GF V ß RfI ƒxWIVX ‚ @ [email protected] PY 5 Ý x » f‡v 9 ” A x Q IQ S S f‚A9 ” o j I `9Q V I ŒF ` x ”A C 5 VQ I `9Q V I ‚ PAX Vf @[email protected] YB@@y× ’˜ @[email protected] [email protected] Ü af{I(“•S¦nRvBl93hB…9R”6PE¦YbFBdGaf—G…FR`G»WFG•– Š Š ‰ Š ‰ B B B– ˜ Š BB– Ï¥‰ BB@@Š ˜ ¡p BBB‘ h‰ p BB– yט¥BB– × p Ü ˜ ITafRV–I•S¦AbU–”vSh‰ˆR9£X [email protected]@ ’× @[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@y× ’˜ [email protected] [email protected][email protected]@hg‰#xdBvdTd™ª S I ” U V x P o Š j ŒF o jXV ” S 59 I `9Q 9 I V Sf V ‡† ƒ €~ ©hl~y…„y‚} U F9 CS S I ` v 59 Vg vAF V I 59 P I ` C U V I 9 V Sd [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]#`ئWCG¤IVaV @RCaSVŒ Bn¦G£afŒV9Iv hÛPI9 [email protected] vSRVG£G8Rf«VQ ™I o ySj Cd Ö C9 x Vg ”A9 x ` V v9Œ9 V I F9 ` Š j ` @[email protected] Œ 4 s @[email protected] ›afˆIB‰fD…ŒGBƒ©…I¦ oX WCaV¤IB¦£dGRfHBƒP…Vb”gv @[email protected] dP…Vb”gv IRVBTg¥vIaf9SC gebŒBR9©3C`I …I bVB–”V ‘dvSR9GGhG•RVCf 0†I– –5s‰aVSWC –I¤ITafVS h¦R99 £3daV9PŒ –IGRSV Rf...
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