CS 235 - WEEK 4 - Survey Research, Sampling, and Levels of Measurement (Student Version)

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Unformatted text preview: eligion? Christian Muslim. Hindu. Buddhist People in different categories differ from each People other, but it is not meaningful to place categories in order or to rank one above the other in Doing the Survey (VII) – Ordinal Variables Variables where there is an order between Variables different categories. different It is not possible to quantify the exact It difference between categories. difference Are attitudinal and have a time dimension. One is ranked higher than the other. Ordinal Example 1. 2. 3. How often do you go to the movies? Weekly Monthly Yearly The researcher can rank the frequency of The visits, but not in exact numerical terms. visits, Doing the Survey (VIII) – Categorical Variables Categories must be mutually exclusive and Categories exhaustive. exhaustive. Mutually exclusive: Each selection must be Mutually distinct and no respondent should be able to select more than one category (ex: Catholic and Christian) Christian) Exhaustive: Must cover the range of variation in Exhaustive: the variable (Put as many as possible). Doing the Survey (IX) – Numerical Variables Numbers are used to represent each unit of Numbers the variable and the numbers carry mathematical meaning. mathematical Two levels of numerical variables: Interval Two and Ratio Doing the Survey (X) – Interval Level Variables Not common. Specify both rank and order Variables specify the distance between Variables numeric categories, but not the absolute magnitude (No absolute zero). magnitude Fahrenheit scale: Categ...
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