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CS 235 - WEEK 4 - Survey Research, Sampling, and Levels of Measurement (Student Version)

Sampling sampling universe sampling population

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Unformatted text preview: ampling Sampling Universe Sampling Population: Sampling Sampling Frame Representative sample Random sampling Doing the Survey Education and morality are variables. Variables How can we study morality and education? Can we just go out and fine them? Doing the Survery (II) Operationalization Morality is concept. It is an abstract thing. What are some indicators of morality? Must operationalize your study. Doing the Survey (III) Operationalization Something that can be measured. Indicators that can be measured. Booth operationalized what constitutes Booth poverty. poverty. Doing the Survey (IV) – Levels of Measurement Variables: Qualities on which units of Variables: analysis vary. analysis 4 levels of measurements when levels operationalizing a concept into an indicator operationalizing Nominal and Ordinal – categorical variables Interval and Ratio – numerical variables. Doing the Survey (V) – Categorical Variables Made up of a set of attributes that Form a category, but Do not necessarily represent a numerical Do scale of measure. scale Two levels: Nominal and Ordinal Doing the Survey (VI) – Nominal Variables Assigning numbers to a classification of Assigning characteristics. characteristics. No inherent ordering or ranking in the No classification classification People in different categories differ from People each other, but it is not meaningful to place categories in order or to rank one above the other. other. Nominal Example 1. 2. 3. 4. What is your r...
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