KIN 3515 biochemistry

21 ratelimitingenzymes

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Unformatted text preview: to/from Creatine Regulation of Metabolism .18 The rate of chemical reactions is modified by either speeding up or slowing down enzymes Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity q q q q q Amount of Enzyme Temperature pH­ a measure of acidity Chemical Modulators(e.g., End Product Inhibition) Hormones Control of Metabolism by the “Intracellular Mileau”: Chemical Modulators .19 Chemical Modulators Speed Up and slow down enzymes End product inhibition Inhibition Single Reaction: Enzyme A + B C + D Inhibition Pathway: Enzyme A + B C + D 4.20 Regulation of energy production by the energy state of the muscle cell ADP: classic stimulator of enzymes of energy production – ATP: classic inhibitor of enzymes of energy production – ATP + H20 ADP + Pi Fuel Enzyme More Inhibition Enzyme Enzyme Less Activation Less ADP More ATP Product(s) .21 Rate Limiting Enzymes •Control the overall speed of a set of reactions •Usually early in a particular multistep process •Activity is susceptible to modulators (eg, ATP, ADP) Fuel Inhibitors Stimulators Rate Li...
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