KIN 3515 biochemistry

417 q q namingenzymes namedby1substrate2rxncatalyzed

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Unformatted text preview: Lower the Activation Energy How do Enzymes change the speed of reactions? • Energy of Activation (Ea) NO ENZYME • must be added for a reaction to occur • enzymes lower the Ea • increase the # of molecules with sufficient energy ENZYME .16 Lock and Key Model of Enzyme Action Substrate(s) Enzyme­Substrate Complex + Enzyme – enzymes are "matchmakers" for substrates and enzymes – have folds and ridges that fit substrates Product(s) Released Product(s) Formed .16b Induced Fit Model of Enzyme Action Substrate + Substrate Enzyme­Substrate Complex Enzyme – The active site of the enzyme is complementary in shape to the shape of the substrate only after the substrate is bound. 4.17 q q Naming Enzymes named by 1) substrate, 2) rxn catalyzed end in "ase" Synthetases/Synthases • make something Glycogen Synthase makes glycogen Oxidases • remove electrons • Cytochrome Oxidase removes electrons from a cytochrome Dehydrogenases • transfer hydrogen atoms • Lactate Dehydrogenase transfers H between pyruvate and lactate Kinases • transfer phosphate groups • Creatine (Phospho) Kinase transfers Pi...
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