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Although not for profits are generally hand on hand

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Unformatted text preview: lity than McDonalds at increasing its profile with education, not commercial gain. McDonald’s is also educating its audience, which is an important part of a successful strategy. Although not-for-profits are generally hand on hand with social responsibility, they can also be implemented to take advantage of vulnerable audiences for commercial or political gain. Words: 1,285 6 ELLIOTTclinton­3439534­COMM1161­Melbourne Mandate critique/response REFERENCE LIST About McDonalds website 2013, Global Advisory Council, viewed 4 May 2013 < eing/global_advisory_council.html> The about McDonald’s website is very direct and a great source of direct communication available for customers about how McDonald’s operate. With their online content it is evident that the company are updating business practices, and I used this website to get more information about the global advisory council for my argument. Brockett, A & Zabihollah, R 2012, Corporate Sustainability: Integrating Performance and Reporting, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey A corporate conscience is now a large contender in the way McDonald’s portray themselves in society. The information on page 151 adds to my argument in support of improved purchasing power and that McDonalds principles have evolved to encompass sustainable business practices. Burton, Bob 2007, Inside Spin: The dark underbelly of the PR industry Allen &...
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