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Remember children exert a phenomenal influence over

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Unformatted text preview: d’s and McDonald’s food. And so do children, because they love Ronald. Remember children exert a phenomenal influence over restaurant selection. This means you should do everything you can to appeal to children’s love for Ronald and McDonald’s.’ (McSpotlight 1996). In the presentation, it was argued that making money from minors is not ethical at all. However, the success of The Wiggles in Australia is testament to the idea that society is not concerned with this. Other than entertainment, their television shows have limited educational impact, it is also instantly addictive to its target market, and many children hope to collect all the merchandise. ‘ the top of the BRW Top 50 Entertainers earners' list for years, raking in, in some years, $45 million. Even last year, in the group's twilight, they made an estimated $28.2 million. Hardly peanuts.’ (Meryment, 2012). It is only when there are other harms associated, such as health, safety and similar, that parents and society, and ultimately 3 ELLIOTTclinton­3439534­COMM1161­Melbourne Mandate critique/response governments, become concerned. Although The Wiggles don’t acknowledge their profit culture, McDonald’s, as an organisation, acts ethically in changing their practices to reflect current legislation. It supports the interests of customers and its direct communication has societal integrity. Online it engages in many projects to educate its consumers about the importance of a sustainable sup...
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