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The article food fights is a very comprehensive look

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Unformatted text preview: Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, Australia This book proved helpful with sourcing additional information for my essay, I found a link to the mcspotlight press release important to McDonald’s marketing ethics toward children. The article ‘Food Fights’ is a very comprehensive look at McDonald’s in Australia and the legal battle that ensued and I used the quote about McDonald’s being slow and lethargic to change practices. Elizabeth Meryment, Why Wiggles are woeful The Sunday Telegraph, viewed 4 May 2013 < 14613> An amusing opinion article aimed at exposing the wiggles as non educational with little talent. Meryment also argues that they do not benefit anyone except their own bank balances. Entertaining our children seems to be a lucrative industry, and I used this piece to illustrate the power children can have over their parents. 'McDonald's Corporation Case Study' 2012, Mcdonalds Case Study: Remaining Relevant In A Health-Conscious Society, pp. 1-20, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 4 May 2013. This document commissioned by Marketline takes a look at the changes McDonald’s have made to maintain a position as one of the strongest companies in the world. McDonald’s continued to perform regardless of economic challenges and negative press. I used an image from this article to illustrate the corporate strength McDonald’s encompasses thanks to CSR. McDonalds Website 2013, Our H...
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