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The fully functional theory of public relations is

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Unformatted text preview: rse. (eds Waymer, 2012, p189) For the profile of eating disorders, McDonald’s may have helped raise awareness about the need for individuals to eat responsibly. The fully functional theory of public relations is that issues in the community can have shared meanings. The Melbourne mandate is strongly linked to the education of Public Relations professionals, and a lack of education among people can also add segregation and scepticism to campaigns. All audiences are vulnerable when it comes to advertising, and McDonald’s acknowledges this and has worked to change its demographic and its approach in communicating with less informed or educated consumers. McDonalds has deep ties in the community with its charity Ronald McDonald house, and this is a major part of the brand’s longevity - reflecting the support McDonalds gives sick children and their families. (RMHC, 2013) 5 ELLIOTTclinton­3439534­COMM1161­Melbourne Mandate critique/response Any large corporation can lose touch, becoming focused on shareholders and profits. McDonald’s has a strong adaptable business strategy and they address concerns the media raise. With transparent public relations they hope to change public opinion regarding their ethics and sustainability. Both the Butterfly Foundation and McDonalds appeal to the working class, due to successful public relations. The Butterfly foundation has more credibi...
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