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Unformatted text preview: on? What are the implications? Government payments like newstart aim to help people gain paid work but does the support available from the government help to assist people become involved paid workers in society? ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie hopes to increase finances for those who are receiving government support to make it easier to pursue opportunities. "At present 2.2 million people live below the poverty line in Australia, including 575,000 children. The highest risk groups are people who are out of paid work and those on low income support payments.” He explains. These are startling facts as many students rely on government assistance to finance their accommodation and food. Without this support university education could become a luxury that only working class families can afford. Could you live on $35 a day? Will those with low income still get scholarships? No, the government have removed start up scholarships and replaced them with loans from 2014, adding further debt for students to pay on completion of their study. Will I still get a discount if I can pay my HECS upfront? No, the government have discarded this ­ every student will pay the full amount or have it added to their student debt. Further Reading: The Australian Council of Social Service­using­foreign­stu dents­as­cash­cows.html­04­14/educators­mps­furious­over­university­funding­cuts/462 7652­ protest­against­23­bil­funding­cuts&catid=64:education­department&Itemid=77...
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