PR Writing- COMM2360- Final Assessment

PR Writing COMM2360 Final Assessment

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Unformatted text preview: em and to try new things. What do you hope to achieve from the girls in Sci­fi webinar? I’d like to help women open up about their secret love of Science Fiction. Some of the best role models for young girls are fictional characters and it’s very inspiring. Science Fiction television shows like Xena Warrior Princess and Game of Thrones have great female characters. Jane Jetson also has the best technology for getting ready in the mornings. ELLIOTTclinton-3439534-COMM2360-Media Kit 4 Contact List: Target: Victorian talkback radio producers / news directors and sci­fi foundations ­ Aim is to create two­way dialogue about potential sexism within the Science Fiction genre. Company Title Name Email Phone Number Mix 101.1 News Director Emily Hoskins [email protected] (03) 9420 1011 The Australian Science Fiction Foundation Secretary Cath Ortileb [email protected] 0403 883 451 Fox FM News Director Carlie Bonavia [email protected] (03) 9252 1019 Continuum Pop Culture Convention Secretary Danielle Madeley [email protected] 0438 962 222 ABC Radio Shepparton News Director John Faine John.faine@@you (03) 5820 4011 Syn FM News Director David [email protected] (03) 9925 4747 Southern FM News Director Mark Missen [email protected] (03) 9583 0533 Edge FM News Director Michael Kooge [email protected] (03) 5722 1566 ELLIOTTclinton-3439534-COMM2360-Media Kit 5 Resources: i09 Internet Blog, What Chicks Don’t LIke About Science Fiction, Newitz, Annalee, 2008, viewed 30 May 2013 <> Ginn, Sherry & Napier, Louise S 2005, Our space, our place : women in the worlds of science fiction television, University Press of America, Lanham, MD Nielsen Survey, Melbourne Survey #3 2013, viewed 30 May 2013, <­2013.pd f> Pozible Website, I Am Evangeline (Sci-fi Drama), Pozible Australia, viewed 28 May 2013, <> The Observer Blog, Why men love science fiction so much, Berh, Rafael, Observer online, viewed 28 May 2013, < html> ELLIOTTclinton-3439534-COMM2360-Media Kit 6...
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