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When asked why science fiction has a mainly male

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Unformatted text preview: m a little over $21,000 to start production. When asked why science fiction has a mainly male audience, Georgia Flood explains, “Aliens and laser guns seem a bit childish, it’s going to take more than that for women to like it. Women want something with more realism and emotional complexity. That’s why I love I Am Evangeline, it’s Sci-fi for girls because it’s a great story and has a strong sense of reality”. For further updates like our facebook. ELLIOTTclinton-3439534-COMM2360-Media Kit 2 Girls bring Aussie Sci-fi to the big screen 14th April 2014 Women and Science Fiction - do they go together? That’s exactly what writer and director Christine Rogers wants to prove with her independent Australian film I Am Evangeline. “Women collaborating is what makes Science Fiction entertaining to watch. Would it be so popular with men if we weren’t involved? Female Sci-Fi characters are intelligent and strong willed. They know how to kick butt.” She explains. Wonder Woman, Jane Jetson and even Lara Croft - she does have a point. The ladies of science fiction make alternate realities ultra appealing. So, why don’t the girls seem to like it as much as the guys? The Girls in Sci-fi webinar hopes to answer that question, sharing the opinion of Australian Sci-fi actresses and academics alike. It aims to use technology to create one of the biggest online discussions Melbourne has ever seen. Stemming from the success of television shows such as Game of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica, could 2014 be the year women feel they can come-out as sci-fi fans? Log on 21 May 2014 at 7:30pm to discuss. I Am Evangeline is a pozible-funded film made in Melbourne. Christine’s team secured up and coming actress Georgia Flood (House Husbands) as the lead and filming started in June 2013. “Science fiction appeals to geeks, on the surface it doesn’t seem connected to the real world.” Explains Georgia. “Aliens and...
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