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Women want something with more realism and emotional

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Unformatted text preview: laser guns seem a bit childish, it’s going to take more than that for women to like it. Women want something with more realism and emotional complexity. That’s why I love I Am Evangeline, it’s Sci-fi for girls because it’s a great story and has a strong sense of reality”. Clinton Jack Publicist - I Am Evangeline [email protected] 0410 997 997 ELLIOTTclinton-3439534-COMM2360-Media Kit 3 Profile - Christine Rogers Christine Rogers’ screen writing has always been dark. She loves complex female characters who overcome difficulties. During Christine’s childhood she used to dream of meeting her biological parents. Throughout her life she’s questioned the ‘legitimacy’ of identity. How much of whom you are is a result of your genetics? Can relationships hold as much value without the strong ties of blood? Does being infertile mean you’re not legitimate? Evangeline is a second class citizen, a clone living in the shadow of her original. She is hoping to find a cure for her sleeping defect by finding her mother. Sound Familiar? It should. Evangeline is an alternate version of Christine’s own story of self discovery. Questions (Also available as .mp3) Why did you write about such personal things? I wanted to make a film that explores identity. Being adopted had a profound impact on me as I was growing up. With Evangeline I could share the essence of that with a wider audience. My journey changed me and shaped me into the woman I am today. Why do you think it’s important for women to embrace Science Fiction? Science fiction is all about a story. Women can lose themselves in a good book perhaps even more than men. I feel women can overanalyze life and miss out in the fun involved with letting their imaginations run wild. Science fiction knows no boundaries and I think is a great genre for creativity. A lot of people associate it with nerds but it’s all about the possibilities. Women need to think of the possibilities open to th...
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