Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- Final Assignment Rhetoric

As a nation aiming to grow our own businesses it

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Unformatted text preview: the government going out and giving money for singapore airlines to come and compete with Qantas. As a Nation aiming to grow our own businesses it doesn’t seem logical to pay a company from another country to build over existing infrastructure. There is a new emphasis on the importance of competition in governing society. Fundamentally a competitive communications network isn’t operational if the government are funding one of them, and this is why Telstra was privatised. Despite this there are still arguments for and against the privatisation of government services - many people believe that healthcare, transport, roads and infrastructure should be operated completely by the government. Others consider enabling governments by allowing them to micromanage and employ people in all companies, loosening the need of ‘public’ service. (du Gay 2004 p.40) As consumers we aim to get the best value for ourselves, if not the nation with it’s expensive government. Australia considers private entrepreneurial business creates a vibrant national economy. Although in concept this works, businesses evolve through a lifecycle and if an essential service was to die the result could be crippling. Du Gay suggests organizations could be steered ‘at a distance’, through deployment 5 ELLIOTTclinton­3439534­P.E.B.­COMM2402­Rhetoric Approach Essay of governmental techniques. The techniques would include audits, performance-related pay and relational contracts to keep the businesses working within a government strategy. The rhetoric of enterprise offers a perspective on how things could be done. The way things are done extends further into organisation and administration; internal processes are aimed at making operations more practical and systematic and also govern workers from a distance, entrepreneurial governance. In the same way as citizens follow the law, a company that relies on these processes. (du Gay, p.46). Written procedures are aimed at guiding and shaping action, and are important i...
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