Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- Final Assignment Rhetoric

Companies are starting to see the importance of not

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Unformatted text preview: tionships between diverse groups, and enabling strategic alliances. Companies are starting to see the importance of not only investing in themselves but also the societies that the shareholders represent. Priorities include making sport, art and music accessible, enabling talent and realizing potential in many different areas. Thus boundaries between social responsibility, customer engagement, a sense of ownership and traditional advertising have merged into a new consumer driven reality. This has become a platform of many arguments and a new landscape for rhetoric exploration. Anderson ponders that the possibility of a nation was originally imagined, which scrutinizes the rhetoric of values. Communities are not just about a group of people drawn together with geographic location, they can also form a closeness that is in it’s conception imagined, a community identity. (Anderson 1991, P.36) It suggests that a primary ideas arose from script-language, Christendom and many religious faiths have used the application stemming from loyalties to actors and figures within a sacred script. Society forms naturally below high centres, monarchs who rule with a sense of divine dispensation, or a belief in the greater good for everyone in the community. The other ideas communities incorporate is a sense of temporality, which supports the fatality of existence offering redemption in ideals to death and loss. In the same way the community of the church is created, and values for an organisation are also imagined; Australia as government shares imagined values. Our government is elected only temporarily in a term, after this time we can review their activities and vote another office into power. In this sense the monarchs in the church are substituted to federal and local government members, who are acting for the best interests of their voting public. In this sense too, the scriptures can be related to government legislation. The National identity of Australia has been cultivated with community val...
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