Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- Final Assignment Rhetoric

In the excerpt it was illustrated just how welch

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Unformatted text preview: say Companies measure success and aim to meet targets, however in a result to please investors some information may not be clearly reported. In the excerpt, it was illustrated just how Welch managed to divert attention to other areas. Answering via rhetoric, to 1990’s thinking about competence and an organisation that ‘learns’, he aimed to transfer knowledge across divisions and promote the innovation. He demonstrated that GE was not a conglomerate because they held ‘integrated diversity’ for their shareholders. Using the application of a program called ‘Work-out’, he achieved two-way dialogue and was seen as a visionary with his application of company values - in a GE quarterly review he stated, “With the reduction of management and the dismantling of bureaucracy, leaders have moved quickly to the front, creating a vision for each business and articulating their vision so clearly and compellingly that an entire organization can rally around it and turn it into a reality.” (Froud et al 2005 p.10). Welch had encapsulated investors and workers, creating a response to the rhetoric of business and bureaucracy. There is a pull toward ‘adding value’ to all aspects of organisations, for Welch it involved responding to criticism innovatively, outside of the box. The concept went a little too far with the launch of an e-business called DestroyYourBusiness.com; an attempt for other divisions to reinvent their business model. The concept was self-destructive and proved unpopular, but Welch was already a business star by using management fashion and economic direction to leverage himself as a highly successful businessman individually. Capitalist democracy uses our need to be individuals in a ‘free market’ only holding value if we contribute income for society as a whole. The need to show this ‘value’ is paramount within industries and organisations. Yet the links between individuals and their ability to influence markets has never been stronger. Understanding the connections in these situations and their responses toward business, politics and government is pertinent for understanding them. The Rhetoric approach illustrates the hidden meaning and connection behind all arguments; each argument incorp...
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