Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- Final Assignment Rhetoric

Miller rose 2008 p127 if consumption is a bad thing

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Unformatted text preview: looking waves of a shop perm. (Miller & Rose 2008 p.127). If consumption is a bad thing, consumerism seems to be a disease which growing virally, stemming from those with influence. Capitalism has moved beyond utility and need and embrace a culture of want and instant gratification. As a result transforming us to be inept at mastering our own desires thus switching to follow another’s influences in a consuming passion. (Sassatelli, R, 2007 P. 121-123) Consumerism involves creating a language which relates to a social person, often referring to the idea that individuals realize their own individuality. The slogan for L’Oreal ‘because I’m worth it’ urges the consumer to buy to enhance beauty as an investment in themselves. Again, this can be said mirrors the 2 ELLIOTTclinton­3439534­P.E.B.­COMM2402­Rhetoric Approach Essay current view of mainstream politics as consumerism ideas. Government draws a strong focus on individual needs. There is however also merit in relating a message toward a group. The ‘language of togetherness’ uses many actors with a plural of aims. Motivating change, a sense of nationalism, local community - the sense of belonging is what works within a community to inspire others to follow a cause or purchase a product. The importance of retaining social capital for companies can be illustrated by the growth of wireless device usage, an area with high competition. Retaining customers is not only cheaper, it increases the opportunity for future business as wireless phone services evolve with technology (Seo, D. Ranganathan, C. Babad, Y. 2008 p. 182) customers will leave when they are unhappy with the service, due to expensive exit fees. Communications companies have identified those demographics more likely to leave. The rhetoric of individuals being utilised by companies as social capital, adding value to the organisation. (Seo, D. Ranganathan, C. Babad, Y. 2008 p. 186) 3 ELLIOTTclinton­3439534­P.E.B.­COMM2402­Rhetoric Approach Essay The rhetoric of social capital incorporates many layers. Economic and social value can also be achieved through community centred activity, promoting neighbourliness and social rela...
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