Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- First Assignment What is Politics


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Unformatted text preview: pport that the government give in financial grants to arts, culture and music serves as yet another expression of the wide arm of politics. Creativity can be harnessed, organized and supported as another tool to unite and govern society or not, as the case is for The Corner Hotel. The Melbourne Times Weekly (Schetzer 2013) recently reported that developers have planned for a 13­storey residential tower to be built across a lane­way from a popular music venue in Richmond. Although the plans had not yet been approved, the news created a political concern for residents and active members of the local music industry who lobbied with concerns that current residential planning legislation did not appear to be supportive of community members who enjoy listening to live music. In the article (Schetzer, 2013:1) ‘Music Victoria president Patrick Donovan said the proposal was "very worrying" for the hotel and laws needed to be changed quickly to protect established venues from noise complaints stemming from new developments.’ The establishment not only creates work for lo...
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