Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- First Assignment What is Politics


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Unformatted text preview: cal 2 ELLIOTTclinton­3439534­P.E.B.­COMM2402­ Minor Essay­What is Politics 08­04­13 musicians, it is also a strong point of attraction. Those who enjoy listening to bands regularly visit The Corner Hotel and with this traffic the area has grown into a social epicentre in Richmond. The online article itself achieved much interest from the community, a user named, SLAMsupporter commented on the story with a solution for the scenario ‘State govt's need to place an artistic heritage overlay on these venues which protects their status as valuable social institutions and therefore ignores any sound complaints from residents within 500m. The same is happening to many places, including the wonderful Pure Pop in St Kilda.’ The internet is almost a flawless interactive actor for politics where both sides of an issue can be addressed. Whether seeking information, showing support for an idea or questioning the reason behind it, politics is now evolving to encompass this technology. In this regard, politics appears a...
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