Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- First Assignment What is Politics


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Unformatted text preview: rnalists often repackaging messages from the Government. Over time, the relationship with the media became skeptical and is now considered to contain a more accurate balance of information. There have been many changes in the view society has of governing bodies, This skepticism can even be extended as to how the media is representing itself politically or even challenging the status quo by voicing the ideas of groups outside of the governing elite. Music, entwined into the Australian spirit and our own national identity, has long been a part of the acculturation process. It enhances the life of our cities and the bands grow differently as uniquely artistic entities in separate environments. Peter Garrett explains (as quoted Fiske, Hodge and Turner, 1987) ‘Every Australian band comes from a different pub, and it’s there they define what they are about. Every band remembers that pub, and it’s more than sentimental value; it’s something much stronger’. Peter Garrett is now a politician, and the su...
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