Pol Ec Bus- COMM2402- First Assignment What is Politics


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Unformatted text preview: nd politics interplay between one another in two ways ‘(1) the state of the organization of knowledge, and (2) the degree of structure differentiation in human collectives’ (Satori 1973:5). Within this context, open communication and relationships are fundamental in the application of politics. ‘This most difficult knot to unravel is that between the sphere of politics and the sphere of society’ (Sartori:6). Human interactions and the structuring of society have evolved hand­in­hand with politics and building effective relationships and communicating these is the main purpose of both. The mechanisms of politics are continually negotiated between social actors. These actors are able to exercise varying degrees and types of power. In government, politics is about creating policies and electing actors to represent contrasting ideas for these. The politics of government creates a mindset to help others understand the rationality of decisions: ‘They might aim to foster patriotism or cosmopolitanism to produce a nation or to integrate it with others’ (Dean, 2007: 8). In the same way, m...
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