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Cailin Johnson-Smart The Holocaust Amy Wang Section C Essay Option #2 Witnessing the Schindler Jews Memories of Oskar Schindler Witnessing and memory are two major themes throughout Thomas Keneally’s novel Schindler’s List . With the narrator’s third person narration, the readers get to have a better visual description of the insight to Oskar Schindler’s life. Also with the distance from the narrator, the reader is able to take in all the scenes that are taking place as the novel progresses. Though this is a fictional piece, the novel is based on historical facts and ties in with other texts and films used in The Holocaust course. The narration allows the reader to witness the events Oskar Schindler experiences. The narrator also describes Schindler’s childhood memories and past in order for the reader to understand where he came from and to determine what type of person he is. With the third person narration the reader also learns important childhood memories that justify, or at least explain, some of his actions. First off, he was meant to be a successful business man. “There he took the Real gymnasium Course which was meant to produce engineers – mining, mechanical, civil – to suit the area’s industrial landscape. Herr Schindler himself own a farm-machinery plant, and Oskar’s education was a preparation for this inheritance” (Keneally 32). The overall theme of witnessing ties in with the third person narration by allowing the readers to witness every scene and action that occurs throughout Schindler’s past and present. The novel opens up with memories and historical facts of Schindler’s childhood and Smart 1
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family history. Schindler, early on, demonstrates his disagreement and his need to prove his father wrong from the beginning of the novel. Even though Schindler despises his father, he
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Essay #1 - Smart 1 Cailin Johnson-Smart The Holocaust Amy...

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