If it does the exponenmal loss will increase instead

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Unformatted text preview: f ( x ) = α r h r ( x , the value ) ∑ r α cannot get negaMve. If it does, the exponenMal loss will increase instead r of decrease. A)  True € B)  False € 3 •  Adaboost is A)  SensiMve to “outliers” (hard to classify examples). The reason is that it fits too aggressively. B)  SensiMve to outliers because the exponenMal loss penalizes them too harshly. C)  InsensiMve to outliers because boosMng fits a very weak classifier at every round and therefore fits very slowly. D)  InsensiMve because the exponenMal loss effecMvely ignores outliers. 4 •  If in round “r ” of Adaboost we use a learner h(x) that separates the dataset perfectly, then this classifier would receive infinite weight in the ensemble. A)  True B)  False...
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