Spartan Hegemony

Greek language writing and customs in conquered

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Unformatted text preview: ion hunt the Palace at Nineveh for Assyrian King Ashurbanipal: §༊ Lions cated up and have been released and king will hunt them down. §༊ represent the power of King differnet competition compared to Olympic games since it is set up Reconstruction of Royal Lion Hunt Above tomb of Philip II o Alexander would engage in Lion Hunts during campaigns as a demonstration of his bravery. Alexander becomes a God at Olympia (achiles and Heracles are half god ) o In Egypt, Alex was declared Pharao of egypt, son of Ra and Incarnation of Horus o High Priest of Amun addressed him "Welcome son of Zeus” o At the Olympic Festival of 324 BCE o Fundamental hero or God o strking: NO ONE object o coin depictin Alexander the Great A Heracles Aftermath of Alexander: the Hellenistic Era...
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