Spartan Hegemony

Modern equivalent o actual philippeion building

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Unformatted text preview: Commemorating victory through poem o demonstrating status: control money • Philippeion: establishing Heroic Status at Olympia o purple: temple of hera o places right beside Pelopeion, Philip II by establishing his shrine, he deserve mythic king or hero of Greece just like Pelops (mythic founder of Greece). Modern equivalent o actual philippeion- building • Alexander III: Alexander the Great o 336 BCE- Alexander III takes the throne. o 335 BCE- In Alexander’s absence, Athens and Thebes revolt against Macedonian control. • Alexander’s conquest of Persia: 334- 330 BCE o battle of Granicus: Alex defeats Darius §༊ Darius is on the run and alex hunts him o found city of Alexandria in Egypt (New cultural center of Mediterranean) • • • • • o Alexandr captures Babylon, Susa, and the Persian capital of Persepolis o Darius III was murderd by a Persian traitor Bessus. o alexander is taking over the rule of Persian empire o different model of conquest- Map o map of alenader travel o travel from Macedonia- Jerusalem- egypt- Babylon and Persepolis o only take 4 years Alexander’s War in India and Last Days, o invade India during Monsoon...
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