Spartan Hegemony

O achilles is the strongest o private funeral o he

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Unformatted text preview: season o Wins battle of river Hydaspes o 25,000 survivors of 85,000 Spectacle over sport in the reign of Alexander the Great o Philip used Panhellenic competitions to establish “greekness” o “Plutarch life of Alexander EXAM” §༊ Philip plumed himself, alex was not so much into the bost of philp of his father, I will compete Olympia if I compete (lost people sho below his status, or blow people who up his status) §༊ (Isobieteds would not other games, cus they do not have money” Alexander as the New Achilles o Alexander carried the Iliad with him where- ever he went. o Achilles is the strongest o Private funeral o He sacrificed to Athena and poured libations to the heroes. o faitful friend- Petroclus, fame- Homer o he is competing among his friends. o Medism = When a Greek adopts Persian customs o 325 BCE: Alexander arranged a “show” competition §༊ Koragos vs Dioxippos §༊ dress as Ares (god of war) vs Heracles (counder of Oumpic games) o Dioxippos is framed for theft o Later Dioxippos is freamed for thefit o He felt shame and commit suicide Spectacle of royal Poer: imperial hunting o Reliefs of l...
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