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Coding capture a range of interactive social

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Unformatted text preview: w consistent reaching behaviors (5 mos) Observational Studies   Video camera and coding Capture a range of interactive (social) behaviors   -attachment -caregiver-infant interactions -responses to novel toys/attentional patterns Observation Studies   Pros   Inexpensive can be done in home   Cons   Coding behavior is very time consuming -difficult to standardize (there will be a high degree of variability in the envt) 12 5/15/13 Psychophysiological Methods   Measures of autonomic nervous system activity -heart rate, stress hormones   Measures of Brain Function EEG optical imaging NIRS functional brain imaging (MRI) Autonomic Nervous System   Heart Rate (HR) Electrodes are placed in a triangle on the infant’s chest   Discrimination can be measured   --> whether or not HR decreases Heart Rate   Pros Can be used on all ages of infants (even prenatally)   -moderately expensive   Cons   Subject to movement artifact -editing signal can be time consuming -many things influence HR that need to be taken into account 13 5/15/13 Stress Hormones   Cortisol   Can be measured using blood or saliva samples from infants -usually measured before and after a study to determine how "reactive" a child is to stressful situations Cortisol   Pros     Saliva samples are usually easy to obtain from infants Cons   Blood samples are difficult and painful to obtain -must obtain repeated samples Measures of Brain Function   Event Related Potent...
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