Manipulated external validity 2 51513 b contexts for

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Unformatted text preview: onlly manipulated External validity 2 5/15/13 B. Contexts for Gathering Data about Infants 1. Interviews 2. Naturalistic Observation 3. Structured Observation structured: a research prodcedure in which all participants are asked to answer the same questions 1. Interviews   Structured interview:   Clinical interview:   Caveat: Although interviews yield a great deal of data quite quickly and can provide in-depth information about individual children, the answers to interview questions are often biased. clinical: a procedure in which questions are adjusted in accord with the answers the interviewee provides caveat: although interviews yield a great deal of data quite quickly and can provide in-depth info about individuals, the asnwers can be quite biased 2. Naturalistic Observation   Used when the primary goal of research is to describe how infants behave in their usual environments   limitations: because naturally occurring context vary on many dimensions, it is often hard to know which ones influenced the behavior of interest Limitations     Because naturally occurring contexts vary on many dimensions also many behaviours occur only occasionally Also, many behaviors occur only occasionally in everyday environments 3 5/15/1...
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