Sucking increases preference alternating stimuli more

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Unformatted text preview: stimuli to establish baseline -plau new stimuli ro determine if sucking increases preference: -alternating stimuli -more high amplitude sucks will keep stimuli available longer pro: works well with very young infants (also con) High Amplitude Sucking   Pros     Relatively inexpensive con: young infants are likely to fail to complete the study bc they fall asleep -must be conducted in a research facility Cons   Works best with very young infants 10 5/15/13 Looking Studies     Eye-tracking equipment   Preference   Discrimination 30 frames a sec Video camera and coding infared reflections monitor when and where infant is looking on a special screen shows infants 2 visual stimuli simultaneously or sequentially; expect longer looks at preferred stimulus habituate to one stimulus and test on the second Looking Studies   Pros   Relatively inexpensive quick to set up and administer   Cons   Time consuming (coding) -babies easily become bored or restless -must be conducted in research facility Reaching Studies Monitor infants reaching   Preference – what they choose to reach for -can be manipulated to deduce higher cog functions when combined with other stimuli ex occlusions 11 5/15/13 Reaching Experiments   Pros   Very Inexpensive -usually short and interactions with experimenter can help infants through the task -can   Cons be done in infants home   Limited range of stimuli -infants must be developmentally adavanced enough to sho...
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