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maoa is a gene that inhibits brain chemicals linked

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Unformatted text preview: gage in antisocial behavior than those who had experienced none.   -MAOA is a gene that inhibits brain chemicals linked with aggression However, the effect was much stronger for those individuals who had a relatively inactive MAOA gene. 7 5/22/13 Parental Contributions to the Child’s Environment   A highly salient and important part of a child’s environment is the parents’ relationship with the child. Relation 4: Child’s Phenotype and Environment   Children are active creators of the environment in which they live. they evoke certain kinds of responses from others   By virtue of their nature and behavior   They also actively select surroundings and experiences that support their interests, talents, and personality characteristics B. Behavior Genetics   The science concerned with how variation in behavior and development results from the combination of genetic and environmental factors   Question: Why are people different from one another? answer: behavioral traits are heritable- influneced by hereditary factors 8 5/22/13 B. Behavior Genetics   B...
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