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they are affected by many envtl factors as well as

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Unformatted text preview: ehavioral geneticists believe that most traits of interest are multifactorial. -they are affected by many envtl factors as well as many genes 1. Behavior Genetics Research Designs       The family study is the mainstay of modern behaviorgenetics research. Measure trait of interest among people who vary in genetic relatedness Correlations between the measure of the trait in individuals with different relationships are examined to see if they are higher for individuals who: -are genetically more similar -share the same envt Types of Family Studies   Twin-Study Designs: Correlations for pairs of monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins.   Adoption Studies: Researchers examine adopted children are more like their biological or their adopted relatives 9 5/22/13 Identical Twins Reared Apart   Studied twin siblings who have not met since they were infants   The team of investigators were struck by the similarities they found in traits like IQ, reaction to stress, and traditionalism. -these similarities may be influenced by sel...
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