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Unformatted text preview: of the brain's excess synapses will be pruned and which will be maintained -synapses that are frequently activated are preserved 1. Experience-Expectant Processes   Experience-expectant plasticity is the process through which the normal wiring of the brain occurs in part as a result of the kinds of general experiences that every human who inhabits any reasonbly normal envt will have   Is accompanied by vulnerability -if the expected experience is not available, as in the case of congenital cataracts, development will be impaired Sensitive Periods     A key element in experience- expectant plasticity is timing. There are a few sensitive periods when the human brain is particularly sensitive to particular kinds of external stimuli 16 5/22/13 Experience-Dependent Processes   Experiencedependent plasticity is the process through which neural connections are created and reorganized throughout life as a function of an individual’s experience. D. Brain Damage and Recovery   Timing and plasticity play important roles.     The worst time to suffer brain damage is when neurogenesis and neuron migration are occurring (during prenatal development and the first year after birth) The greatest plasticity is observed when synapse generation and pruning are during early childhood occu...
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