Heritability a statistical estimate of the proportion

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Unformatted text preview: ective placement and smilarities in fostering envts as well as by genetic factors 2. Heritability     A statistical estimate of the proportion of the measured variance on a given trait among individuals in a given population that is attributable to genetic differences among those individuals. Limitations:   , not to the individuals living at a particular time of people who grow up in very different envts They can differ markedly for groups   High heritability does not imply immutability   They say nothing about differences     They apply only to populations They apply only to a particular group between groups 3. Environmental Effects     Most obvious source of shared environment is growing up together in the same family.   Behavioral geneticists, however, have found surprisingly little effect of shared environment on some aspects of development. Nonshared environment effects include experiences unique to the individual. -siblings may have quite different experiences within the same family and their experiences outside the family may diverge sharply -the primary eff...
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