Occipital lobe primarily associated with processing

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Unformatted text preview: ociation areas Lobes are major areas of the cortex that are associated with different categories of behavior.   Occipital lobe: primarily associated with processing visual information   Temporal lobe: involved in memory, visual recognition, and the processing of emotion and auditory information   Parietal lobe: governs spatial processing and integrates sensory input with information in memory   Frontal lobe: organizes behavior and is responsible for planning Cerebral Lateralization   The cortex is divided into two separate halves, called cerebral hemispheres, which communicate through a dense tract of fibers, the corpus callosum. -the 2 hemisphers are specialized for different modes of processing, a phenomenon referred to as cerebral lateralization A: it is a partnership between nature and nurture B. Developmental Processes   Question: How does the structure of the human brain come into being? 12 5/22/13 1. Neurogenesis and Neuron Development   Neurogenesis is the proliferation of neurons   Neurons migrate to their destinations, where they grow and differentiate.   Axons elongate.   Dendrites form spines   through cell division, is largely complete by abo...
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