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Pet positron emission tomography uses a radioactive

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Unformatted text preview: e imaging) uses a powerful magnet to produce colorful images representing cerebral blood flow in different areas of the brain.   PET (positron emission tomography) uses a radioactive material injected into the brain for diagnostic purposes. 14 5/22/13 2. Synaptogenesis and Synapse Elimination   Synaptogenesis     Each neuron forms synapses with thousands of other neurons reuslting in the formation Synaptic Pruning     The extensive generation of neurons and synapses results in an overabundance that of trillions of connections must be eliminated Synaptic pruning occurs at different times in different areas of the brain and is not fully completed until adolescence Synapse Production and Elimination The Adolescent Wave   Recent research indicates that the amount of gray matter increases dramatically in adolescence and then begins to decline. this second wave of synapse production and pruning may be linked to the impulsive, irrational behavior, which is characteristic of adolescence 15 5/22/13 C. The Importance of Experience   Plasticity is the capacity of the brain to be affected by experience.   Experience plays a central role   “neural Darwinism” in determining which...
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