The interaction between histones and dna is mediated

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Unformatted text preview: cones         This prevents tangling But also makes DNA inaccessable to gene reading machinery Histones     Histones are proteins that help organize and condense DNA within the nucleus. The interaction between histones and DNA is mediated in part by the N-terminal tail of histone proteins   Covalent modifications to these tails help determine whether DNA is accessible for gene transcription (Strahl & Allis, 2000). Influencing Factors   Acetylation – acetyl molecules bind to histones -improevs access to genes   Methylation – methyl groups bind to DNA -block access to genes -methyl and acetyl groups act as switches -->turn genes on or off -->no effect on underlying genes 19 5/22/13 Epigenetic Mechanisms   Chemical markings of the DNA and the surrounding histone proteins     regulate gene activity in the central nervous system modified by experiences , particularly those occurring within the context of caregiving Roth and Sweatt, 2011 DNA methylation  ...
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