Expressed gene expression developmental changes

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Unformatted text preview: r parents , only some of the genes are expressed Gene Expression: Developmental Changes   Regulator genes largely control the continuous switching on and off of genes that underlie development across the lifespan -a given gene influences development and behavior only when its turned on 4 5/22/13 Gene Expression About a third of human genes have two or more different forms, known as alleles. is the form of the gene that is expressed if present   The dominant allele   The recessive allele   A person who inherits two of the same alleles   A person who inherits two different alleles is not expressed if a dominant allele is present for a trait is described as homozygous for a trait is described as heterozygous Polygenic Inheritance   When traits are governed by more than one gene -applies to most traits and behaviors of interest to behavioral scientists Relation 3: Child’s Environment and Phenotype   As the model indicates, the child’s observable characteristics result from the interaction of enviro...
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