That increase their capacity to form connections with

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Unformatted text preview: ut 18 weeks after conception In the cortex, the most intense period of growth and differentiation occurs after birth. that increase their capacity to form connections with other nuerons Myelination A fatty sheath of myelin that forms around some axons Mapping the Mind   Techniques used to map the mind and its workings in children:   Neuropsychological Approach: examining effects of brain damage on behavior 13 5/22/13 Electrophysiological Recording   EEG (electroencephalographic) recordings of electrical activity generated by active neurons   ERPs (event-related potentials) record changes in the brain’s electrical activity in response to the presentation of a particular stimulus. ERP Responses       These graphs show ERP waveforms in response to novel (red line) and familiar (yellow line) stimuli. The infants who later recalled how to assemble a toy (left panel) had clearly discriminated between the familiar and novel items on an earlier recognition test. The infants who did not recall the assembly sequence (right panel) had not discriminated between the components on the earlier test. Brain Imaging Techniques   fMRI (functional magnetic resonanc...
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