History 402 Terrorism in Russia and Chechnya Lecture Notes

After the wall fell in todays time up to 40 of people

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Unformatted text preview: nsecurity 3. After the Wall Fell. -in todays time up to 40% of people in Berlin want the wall to go up again -the leader of the german social democratic party was the cause of bringing the wall down ----at a press conference he announced apparent new arrangements for border crossing -he told the people that these would happen immediately and people started to storm the wall to pass over into west berlin --the border guards did not have any order so they opened the gate -this whole scene was an accident as the leader read the wrong situation -it was hard for people to tell if this was re unification or unification -there was a selectiveness of who would be put on trial after the falling of the wall -strange leaders were coming in and out of power -the chancellor of the german social democratic party liked Putin very much 4. New Realities after Demise of the USSR. The Only Superpower Left. -people were aware that it was time to take a firm stand ---people did not want things to be let go -this influenced security especially in the soviet union -the soviet union collapsed not in a neo Metternichian way ---this is compared to what Carlton says (they did not fall by consent but rather happened in an illegal way like they were formed) -most people were in support of the democratic soviet union -the situation was sympathetic as many people came forward about their support for the soviet union ---the US even came forward -the soviet union was disbanded in a drunken state by the leaders ----they then called around to the other powers to inform them -the leader of the soviet union made his own call as to when he would step down from the leader of the soviet union ---this is not how Carlton see its -this is a dangerous situation as it may happen again to anyone -the soviet union had nuclear weapons but no one else knew where they were ----this scared people so they had to dismantle them -many of the nuclear weapon stations were still in good quality especially in Chernobyl ---it was hard to tell who was going to pay for the dismantling -this was a dangerous and costly thing to do ---it was cheaper to make them -in the past there was a feeling to use people of some ethnic group for political purposes ---this was first seen in the people of west berlin and the turkish people -in 1994 the red army left germany but in a strange way ---there is still a question of where their primitive weapons went -people could become rich overnight by laundering money ---this e...
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