History 402 Terrorism in Russia and Chechnya Lecture Notes

Bill clinton russia and 60000 bosnian girls people

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Unformatted text preview: get away with what was going on 7. Bill Clinton, Russia, and 60,000 Bosnian Girls. -people wanted NATO to come and bomb the serbs -apparently 60,000 girls were raped -Milseovic was a rapist and a butcher of the territories -the rapist of Kuwait and the Hitler of the middle east was Hussein -the public is encouraged to take part ---when people talk about this in the media they help them with their cause 8. Kosovo, Albrights Bias, and One More Boost to the International Terrorism. -during the war she was protected and hidden by partisans -she wanted to convey a certain message when she talked to the KLA people -when she came to the KLA they were taken off the FBI most wanted list and they were not a freedom fighting organization -she wanted to talk to NATO ambassadors about bombing or not bombing ---these people wanted war -clinton did not want to go into some areas ---he behaved as a republican in office -people were telling him to let people in europe handle what was going on -the people in the us, especially the senators, were more caught up in the scandal -clinton wanted to balance out the force and defend the federation 9. Who Supported the AIG, Toying with Taliban. Handling Hitler of the Middle East. -it was not clear what the us position was going to be when the RAF pulled out -they wanted to have some kind of democracy with the taliban -clinton was so quick to support the AIG ---there is a question to this day if this move was a success 10. Emergence of a New Terrorism (pseudo-religious, media, ethno-political, demographic etc.) 11. A Business As- Usual Approach or Bill Clintons Political Frivolities. -carlton blames the business as usual expression for this confusion -clinton was experiences in terms of terrorist activities -he was reporting back what happened with KGB discussions ----he was in the way of the operation to disarm the nuclear weapons 12. The World Divided....
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