History 402 Terrorism in Russia and Chechnya Lecture Notes

Areas with the underpaid people and the brain drain

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Unformatted text preview: ffected the most sensitive areas with the underpaid people and the brain drain -people would offer their services to whoever would buy them -at the time the only super power left was the US ---however Clinton mishandled this 5. Chechnya That Yeltsin Built. -Russia was always blamed for using a heavy force here ----this internationalized this conflict -russia was a failing state at the time -the people of this area were convinced that clinton were supporting them -to understand this problem we need to see the way that domestic problems were addressed at the time -this should be a one man democracy but others should be considered -the same president was re elected however he was surrounded by the russia mafia ----these people would back him up in his decisions -the mafia then go into us national security systems with the help of government aid ---this started an issue between russia democracy and the us -people in other areas were going to be given as much freedom as they wanted -young national elites were put to the test to see if they could organize power in chechnya -the red army pulled out from germany at the time ---soviet union had collapsed but no one wanted them or their weapons -they were not afraid of the troops and their power but they did not want to economic consequences ----they were sent to russia -the weapons that they had were hard to sell due to sanctions ----it more more expensive to try and take them apart -there were doors opening for religious freedom -there was no need for the groups to try and antagonize people ---they did not have the force to back them up and they did not know who to attack carlton look up for paper carlton for paper 6. Dealing with Yugoslavia. Where to Find Those Terrorists? -there was civil wars going on ----brutalities on both sides -the outside involvement from euro neighbors did not help -the germans wanted to benefit from their problems ---they wanted to detach the republics -double standards are always bad but when it comes to terrorism it is twice bad -they needed help from outside like from the NATO, and the UN -people found it necessary to justify the alliance ---however this was not under the rules of NATO -the only way to intervene in this was by taking sides ---this was also being seen in Vietnam and we need to violate international law to do this -there was a refugee problem here -there was a new style of terrorism to use the general public -people were encouraged to lie to the UN in order to...
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