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Back in the colorful days of high school i was always

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Unformatted text preview: ng beyond the surface of text and basic description is what brings new understanding and perspective to papers. The use of analytical thinking while writing papers, reading other’s papers, and also reading my own, will greatly improve the maturity of my writing abilities. WRTG 1150 Response Journal #1 (400 words) My previous experience with writing has been immensely diverse, to say the least. Back in the colorful days of high school, I was always on the fence about taking rigorous English courses. Due to my apprehensive approach, I ended up taking regular English for both my junior and senior years after I went through two honors English classes my freshmen and sophomore years. Those four years taught me how to improve my writing with countless reflection, persuasive, and research papers. During my four years of varied English, I’ve written 4 important pieces of writing. The first piece required our class to find a hero, decide if the hero was a good or bad influence on society, and back up our opinion with research. This opinionated piece of research first introduced me to knowing how to back up my opinions with cited research. The second piece of writing was a research paper where we had to focus...
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