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But i dont believe ill ever write for fun or to tell

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Unformatted text preview: orward analysis. The biggest issue I face that counters these positive attributes is my lack of creativity and input of witty humor and fun into my writing. Nothing would please me more than being able to write a powerful, coherent essay that is also exciting and fun to read. WRTG 1150 RJ1 (570 words) I have never been a fan of writing. The thought of putting forth the effort in order to let someone know what I’m thinking always seemed pointless. Who cares what I think? I’m just another person, doing what I want and need to do, pursuing my own dreams and living my own life just like everybody else. Never have I been the talkative type. So far the trials of life have never been too hard for me to overcome by myself, and I don’t see them ever becoming so difficult that I will ever need to ask someone for help, or let people know my struggles through yet another blog on the Internet that others read for reasons unknown to me. Sure, there are obvious benefits of writing. It’s a physical document that passes ideas from one person to the next. If I ever become so famous and brilliant to the point that I need to leave my knowledge behind for others,...
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