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But at the same time so many of these thoughts are so

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Unformatted text preview: I may write a book. But I don’t believe I’ll ever write for fun, or to tell a story, or anything like that. Who cares about my stories and what I’ve been through? What does it matter? Telling someone about the time I nearly died from an allergic reaction may provoke a temporary instance of empathy and care, but that will very soon be forgotten. Describing my every day activities to that horrid question that parents always pose (“So how was your day?”) seems completely pointless outside of the fact that it’s a gap filler for the car ride home. Writing forced reports on books in high school only seems to make things worse. Not only are they restricted in what they allow you to write, but they take too much time and effort for the little that I’ve gained from them. Of course they’re there to help improve my writing skills (at least that’s what I’ve been told), but why not just give an oral presentation? It’s much quicker, more efficient, and gets the same points across. Only it’s in a timelier manner. Also to put it simply, writing in high school is boring. Sitting down at my desk for two hours to pump out a five page paper on why Huckleberry Finn is gay brings me no satisfaction at all. I don...
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