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Response Journal 1 Examples

The reflective portfolio was the greatest opportunity

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Unformatted text preview: one general theme from three random books we read. This project helped me learn how to think outside the box, and bring several different ideas into one common theme. Through this different method, I realized that I enjoy finding a common theme throughout different pieces of text. Interestingly enough, the third piece of writing required us to answer a prompt with support from books we’ve read over the year. This paper only reinforced my previously learned skills of how to search for evidence from pieces of text and use them to support a statement. The final piece was a portfolio about me. Out of all of the major papers that were assigned in high school, this one was the most insightful for me because it forced me to reflect about what I learned over my lifetime and who I truly am. The reflective portfolio was the greatest opportunity for me to explain myself through writing in the most creative ways possible. I noticed after this portfolio that I love poetry, and will take advantage of a poetic writing over an essay. After writing persuasive and self- reflective essays, I noticed that my writing strengths focus into correct grammar, strong facts, and straight- f...
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