The majority of todays corn is genetically engineered

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Unformatted text preview: carve the meat into familiar cuts or a delicatessen would further refine the cow's parts until, presto- chango, five years of mineral water and sunlight were transformed into a roast beef sandwich. Grandpa would be proud. Your cow, on the other hand, lives out an entirely different life story, and perhaps the only common element is that it still eats grass. Barely. Your cow eats corn, which, despite its appearance, is actually a member of the grass family. The majority of today's corn is genetically engineered and has uniquely high fertilizer requirements as well as an unquenchable thirst, making it highly input intensive and environmentally damaging in its own right. So while cows are especially good at eating grass, they're not especially good at eating this grass. Nor are...
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