Total depravity unconditional election limited

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Unformatted text preview: Founded as a prison colony by the English. Total depravity Unconditional election Limited atonement • Irresistable grace • Perseverance of the saints The Great Migration ◦1,000 puritans went to the New World ◦Led by John Winthrop ◦Escaping the Church of England - Roger Williams ‣ Founded Rhode Island. -1639 ‣ First written constitution ‣ Fundamental orders of CT. -Navigation acts ‣ Ban trade with foreign countries. ‣ Goods had to pass through England first. -William Penn ‣ Founded Pennsylvania ‣ His vision was a "holy experiment" ‣ Wanted all people to live under one law, one king and one faith ‣ Reason for many people coming to America Anabaptist ◦Believed in adult baptism ◦Amish are this religion E Andros ◦Was in charge of Boston ◦Established churches ◦Quick rents (property taxes) William and Mary ◦If you owned property you could vote Congregational Church ◦Established church of New England...
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